sssh-sssh-shake it off

Shake it off, shake it up…

When our group of friends began discussing the idea for In The Midst of Progression (Midst, ITMOP, whatever you prefer), we all agreed that we wanted to be a part of something bigger – something that met our individual interests in doing good in the world – whatever that might mean to each of us. For me, it centers on the homeless; I have a specific interest in helping those in need. The other girls have causes close to their hearts as well, and work hard to fit in opportunities to give back with the rest of their hectic lives.

We all were excited about this project, and jumped in, ALL in, without really having a totally clear game plan on what we wanted or hoped to accomplish. After all, who doesn’t want to help save the world? Lofty goals, indeed… #goodintentions

This site has become something different than we originally intended; it is a sounding board for whatever thoughts we would like to share, and hopefully it’s inviting to those whom have visited and read our posts. We love how it is a place for women (not just, but especially) to come and call a safe space. Hopefully you read our posts and can find it relatable (and if not, let us know why – we love feedback!). While we love what it has become, it’s a small part of the work that we really hope to accomplish. I wanted to take a moment to address this, as we aren’t done, we haven’t forgotten, and we’re working on bigger and better things to achieve our original goal/intention. It might not be tomorrow, but the work is happening behind the scenes.

In the meantime, stay tuned, keep reading, and thank you for taking the ride with us! If you have any requested/suggested topics you would like to see covered here, please let us know as well.



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