Applying Jedi Powers at Work

With all the Stars Wars hub bub….My husband and I decided to watch a Star Wars Marathon from Episode 1 – 6. I’m nowhere near a Star Wars fanatic and I’ve watched the movies off and on for years. However, this time around, the movies stuck with me. So much so that, during a rough work week I decided to apply the Jedi beliefs:

Clear your mind

It’s the end of the 4th Quarter for everyone and it’s absolutely nuts!!! Everyone wants something now and you are one person, trying to please everyone. Instead of deciding to hide underneath my desk in the fetal position (I’ve had this urge more than once), I decided to spend a few minutes in the morning, with a clear mind and make a “hit” list with the items I hope to accomplish that day. Don’t get me wrong, the unexpected can occur (and has) and it can side track my day very easily but writing down those important items allowed me the ability to clear my mind of those tasks so I could focus on the last minute items and not be completely side tracked from the tasks I originally wanted to accomplish that day. 

    Hate and Fear will lead you to the Dark Side; Be mindful of your thoughts

    People suck!!! And I mean that in the most compassionate way possible. What I mean to say is…people have other things going on and we have tendency to take our stress/ frustration out on each other…It’s what humans do all around the world. The trick is not letting someone else’s bad attitude, or hate for the world, bring you down. It’s easier said than done some days but, if done properly, only gives you strength to conquer your day. If we allow others’ poor attitudes to bring us to a poor state of mind, they have now won and led us to the Dark Side. You know the saying “misery loves company”….It’s the truth unfortunately but if we can keep a healthy state of mind and identify these people in their negative state then we can prepare ourselves to battle their negativity and hopefully lead them away from the Dark Side!!! 

    Practice Patience

    Something I work at on a daily basis. Patience is hard! We live in a world of immediate satisfaction and I can’t say that I always hate it. I love being able to Google a question and get an immediate answer. I love texting someone and getting a response within minutes. But all this easy access, to nearly everything, makes us expect it in every facet of our life….Especially at work. Everyone wants something right away and I’m no different unfortunately. You either hound your underwriter or get hounded by your client so I choose to be the hounder then the houndee?? But I’ve found that immediate satisfaction can be an illusion. Just because you get something right away doesn’t mean that it’s exactly what you want or need. Sometimes it’s better to wait for the paperwork to be done correctly rather than quickly. Perhaps it’s better to wait to speak to a more experienced colleague then to settle for a response from someone who has only functioned in that role for less than a year. Patience is hard but it can also work in our favor. Still practicing!!! 

    Use the Force; Trust in Yourself

    I’m not a college graduate by choice. It’s not that I never had the means or the opportunity to go but, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to be for the rest of my life and didn’t want to “waste” time and energy pursuing one avenue only to end up changing my mind (Please see Practice Patience comments…I’ll always be a work in progress!). I do not recommend this attitude and plan on pushing my girls to go to college and pursue whatever dreams they have (Hoping for Leaders of the Free World and/or Doctors). I didn’t trust myself in all honesty…I didn’t trust that I would make the right decision for me and my future. I stayed in a 7 year relationship (It wasn’t a bad relationship. Just not one that felt like it should on my end.), prior to meeting my husband, because I didn’t trust myself to make a better choice. All these things happened in my twenties and it took until my thirties to realize that I could make the right choices for myself. That I could trust my instincts!! I’ve taken this new found confidence and use every day in my career. I now share my opinion with management, because it does have merit and can possibly create change or thought in others. I’ve learned to silence that voice that has tendency to whisper in my ear that “I don’t know what I’m doing” (not all the time but most of the time) and focus on the fact that I’m an experienced person making experienced decisions with insight. And most importantly, I learned that I have the Force inside me and I need to make sure I trust myself. 

    I know that there are so many more Jedi beliefs for all you Star Wars fans but these are the ones that really helped me get through a rough week. I know it won’t be my last rough week but I also know that the Force is with me and I can make any rough week my b*tch!!

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