Becoming A Work-At-Home Mom: The Opportunities (& Challenges!) Of Network Marketing

MLM, WFH, etc. We’ve all been to – or at least been invited to – one of ‘those’ parties. You know, the ones trying to get you to buy skin cream to look 10 years younger, or the stick-and-go nail wraps. Those work-from-home businesses: the home parties where you invite all your friends over by enticing them with wine and food to purchase those fun items you can’t live without, so that you can earn your own FREE products…you invite all 320 of your Facebook Friends to these parties, and then only 5 actually sign up. Ah, the joys of network marketing!

I am a Distributor for one of them, and the truth is, yes, we want to sell you something! Not just because we want to make money (although that’s a big incentive) but because we’ve used the products and have fallen in love with them. Be it beauty products, books delivered to your home, lifestyle products, or the hundreds of other WFH businesses there are out there, they’ve changed lives, or in the least made the lives of the people who use them easier, healthier, and better.

I’ve gotten a lot of slack from friends, whom while I know appreciate what I’m trying to do for my family, have told me how annoying it is to see those posts on their Facebook feeds. But I have to question, are these posts hurting you? I get it, it’s annoying, but the fact is that a majority of these women are NOT doing it for fun. They are doing it to create an extra income for their families, and if they are lucky, hit it BIG and end up taking off. Those women work hard to get where they are and I give them a lot of credit. I’ve seen a lot of these Independent Distributors retire their husbands and run their MLM business from the comfort of their own homes. They are IN YOUR FACE, and want everyone to ‘join in the fun.’

I know it’s bothersome for others to see, but just know – this is the way we promote and expand our businesses a lot of times, and really – what is social media for? Politics, game requests, and personal bitch fests? (P.S., you can always unfollow those people on Facebook and you can still Facebook stalk when wanted).

Just like you would see an advertisement for any big name companies, the hope is that those posts will get (and obviously are getting) stuck in your head and if one day you happen to decide hey, I need to try XYZ, you’ll remember your friend on Facebook/Instagram is an Independent Distributor for that company.

Call us ‘Mompreneurs’ if you want – I myself am one of those baking, photographer, crafty, stylist, all around ‘do-it-all’ moms. While still trying to balance family life plus a full time job, and all those added extras, why not heap on something else to my belt (or cape – yeah – I definitely wear a superhero cape!)? I’m not breaking bank just yet, but I know with continued focus and dedication, I can get there – every little bit counts, right?

It takes a lot of courage to post advertisements to your friends and family, that you could possibly risk being – OH NO! – deleted by a Facebook friend. Even more ballsy when they are YOUR OWN tutorial pictures. What if people don’t like them, what if people don’t believe you, what if people make fun of you for your posts, what if? Who cares – they aren’t paying your bills!

Guess what – I know you’re watching… and that’s the whole point! Make fun or be annoyed by those posts, but in the end, you don’t have to be into what I’m selling, you don’t have to have a need for any of those items in your life, but rather, support those women and friends in your life working so hard to support their families. We’re here and we DO appreciate any support you give! We are all just entrepreneurs, trying to seize the opportunity to help support our families, with the added benefit (and joys) of being home to raise our children. Maybe you understand a bit better now…

We are all annoying to someone on social media; while you might enjoy those Lip Sync Battle videos and Candy Crush game requests, our requests are just another ‘scroll’ down, but to some they just might be life changers.

3 thoughts on “Becoming A Work-At-Home Mom: The Opportunities (& Challenges!) Of Network Marketing

  1. Can I curse on this thing?! Haha All good. I mean that in a good way. We SHOULD be supporting each other as women, and why have we gotten to the point where are so imposed by a picture on our feed? My Pinterest is constantly advertising to me, and I simply ignore it if I don’t like it. Why should I let that take away from my life.

    Second point though, YOU’RE MY FRIEND! You go girl! I know you love the product and as long as you’re not dumping toxic waste into the world it doesn’t hurt to make money from something you love!

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